Your chance to own this little gem at a discounted price. Large order for hire company was cancelled in last minute. Introducing the Hybrid 3700B: Spacious, Versatile, and Adventurous. With its independent suspension, off-road tires, and multi-terrain capabilities, this caravan is ready to tackle any expedition. It features a pop-top and rear extension for a queen-size bed, 2 bunks, an external shower, slide-out kitchen, full annex, and a discounted price. Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and off-road versatility on your thrilling journeys. Must sell, discounted until sold out. Please contact us without delay, go to chat and type “discounted Hybrid 3700B” for more info.

12ft Hybrid

RRP: $68,500 NOW: $44,950

Floor Stock Only

Further discounts Now ! Due to cancelled order

TARE WEIGHT 2100kg – 2200kg
BEDS & LAYOUT Pop-Out Bed at Rear Overhead Bunk
SEATING Cafe Seating
COLOUR-SCHEMES Light or Dark Available
DELIVERY Ex-Factory SA Interstate Delivery Starts from $1100 depending on location


  • 12v water pump
  • 120L freshwater storage
  • 50L grey water storage
  • Mains and pump fillers

  • Air conditioner 2x
  • 100ah AGM batteries
  • 300w of total solar panel power
  • Extendable bed
  • Additional foldaway bunk bed
  • Digital TV Radio head unit with Bluetooth Speakers
  • Toilet / Shower combo
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Water gauges
  • Digital gauges for batteries
  • Internal sink
  • Water heater
  • Double pane windows
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