Warranty Policy

The Goldstar RV Warranty Policy

You may download the complete Warranty Policy agreement Here

Regular maintenance of your caravan is required at 300km and every 5000km thereafter. All nuts in the wheels, coupling, springs and axle nuts must be checked for tension. Wheel bearings must be checked and adjusted for correct tension. Please note; the correct tension must be applied to the wheel bearings as under or over tightening will result in damage to the axle and/or hubs. This is the customer/buyer/owner’s responsibility and failure to do so will render the warranty VOID.

Goldstar RV Pty Ltd agrees to warrant without charge, for a period of one (1) year (or twelve months) from the date of first purchase, any shortcomings in the original materials or manufacture of their product. The ‘date of first purchase’ is considered to be the date of the customer/buyer/owner taking delivery of his or her new caravan from Goldstar RV Pty Ltd,with all monies paid and accounts finalized, unless otherwise agreed upon by Goldstar RV Pty Ltd.

Warranty does NOT apply to the following: Defects considered by Goldstar RV Pty Ltd to be beyond reasonable wear and tear. Any item as supplied by Goldstar RV Pty Ltd as original equipment and which is covered by that original supplier’s warranty only. This shall include: Refrigerators, stoves, ovens, microwaves, hot water systems, solar equipment, air conditioners, transformers, pumps, audio and visual appliances, toilets, awnings, and any other accessories or option which may be covered by that original manufacturer’s warranty.Chassis, tyres, brakes, axles, suspension, bumpers and spare wheels and brackets.Removing and refitting costs of same to enable the performance of repairs under those warranties. The following are also excluded from this warranty policy:

Any defect resulting from negligence, overloading, accident or other causes beyond our control.Any defect caused by installation of accessories etc. after dispatch from the Goldstar RV Pty Ltd premises. Any defect caused by towing equipment not applicable to its design.Any consequential damage caused by usage after a fault has been recognised.Any accommodation or relocation expenses, loss of earnings, rents or any other costs incurred before or whilst repairs under this warranty take place.Any Goldstar RV Pty Ltd caravan used commercially or for rental purposes are excluded.Any defect or consequential damage incurred from tampering or interference to any equipment by unauthorized persons.
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