Stock available for viewing OZ wide. Factory in Lonsdale, SA

About Us

It all started over 15 years ago and after a visit to local caravan and camping shows, we were baffled by the high prices that camper trailers and caravans go on retail. At GoldStar RV, we sat out to research as to why it is happening.

Turns out the answer is simply the small volume many of the manufacturers geared up to produce doesn’t allow them to gain advantage as they source components—and oh yeah, a caravan needs hundreds of components. Secondly, the high margins that caravan dealers require in order to stay in business adds a significant amount to retail pricing. Usually manufacturers retail their stock through independent dealers. If you consider for a moment, costs do add up in terms of rent, interest, office staff, cleaning, sales staff and commission. You can see how price needs to easily be pushed up at times by 10-15k. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.

At GoldStar, we addressed both by batch building the most popular sizes and layout. You can imagine the discounts we demand from suppliers when we order a thousand wheels at a time or hundred air cons. Moreover, we opted for the aluminium frame construction as it’s the toughest, highly durable in a sandwich panel construction [not wood like other]

Now that we managed to manufacture world class vans with best components at the right price. In order to pass the savings into you, we opted for factory direct approach eliminating all fat cats!!!

To that end, we made sample stock available for viewing at over 30 locations Oz wide. These locations are secure storage yards. There is no pushy salesperson in sight. The caretaker would be advised in advance of your visit and would make the van available for your inspection!

Take your time open and shut as many cabinets as you like. Kick the tyres, Crawl under the van and inspect the undercarriage to your content. If you require help, simply call us at 1300849146

Shows are great to get ideas and inspiration but let’s face it, who has the capacity to view and compare thirty or forty (at times more) brands and make an informed decision in a span of a day???

Did you know that a large percentage of orders at shows end up cancelling, due in part to the rush of taking advantage of “special offers” which turns out not so special after all.

Our everyday prices are better than any special offer. Try us in your next caravan purchase!!!
Factory in SA, storage OZWide
Please Ring : 1300 849 146 Available : 9AM – 7:30PM
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