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Our History & Caravans for Sale

The Goldstar story began as a small family owned caravan dealership business in South Australia. Over 15 years ago, our journey started with a visit to the local caravan and camping show, where we were astonished by the exorbitant retail prices of camper trailers and caravans. We had one question, why is everything so expensive?

We found there were two key reasons. Reason number one – high overheads demand high margins for traditional independent dealerships. Old fashioned dealerships are faced with huge overheads in rent, interest, office staff, sales staff and commissions to name a few, and as a result massive margins need to be added to caravans to turn a profit. Reason number two – building caravans on an individual basis is expensive!

At Goldstar, we tackled these challenges head-on by doing things a little differently. Our key difference? We are factory direct, which means no dealership in the middle that needs to tack on $20,000+ in order to turn a profit. This works in tandem with our signature batch-building approach for the most popular sizes and layouts, using the latest in technologies such as CNC routers, edge banders and industrial vacuum presses. With our unique method, we are able to make a caravan that does not compromise on quality or components, for an incredible price.

Our dedication to manufacturing world-class RV caravans with top-quality components at competitive prices enables us to offer factory direct sales, bypassing the added costs incurred through middlemen.

And when it comes to quality, don’t just take our word for it. We have established sample stock at secure storage yards across 30 locations throughout Australia. Here, you can explore our vans at your own pace, without any pressure from pushy salespersons. The van specialists at these locations are prepared to assist you during your visit, ensuring the van is available for your inspection.

The types of caravans we sell range from, touring caravans, multi terrain caravans, family caravans, hybrid caravans and many more. Take your time to open and close cabinets, examine the undercarriage, and thoroughly inspect our vans. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact us at 1300 849 146.

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